Smart cards that manage all your business spending

Spritz is a magic corporate card that simplifies all your expenses, learning & development budgets, employee perks and software subscription (SaaS) management.

Spritz web and mobile software

Why you're going to love us

Everyone can get a corporate card.

From the intern to the CEO. Issue physical or virtual cards to anyone in a couple clicks.

Manage employee perks & benefits.

Handle recurring employee expenses like mobile phones, gym membership and learning & development.

Define your expense policy and restrictions on the card itself.

Stay in control and always know where you stand.

Request & approve special purchases from your phone.

Mobile first software for employees, managers & finance.

Keep on top of your budgets.

Track burndown by individual, department or category.

Everything in synch, all the time.

Purchases are instantly synched into your accounting systems.

How it works



Pay with your smart Spritz Visa card and our system does the rest. Say goodbye to long forms, random categories and lost receipts.



The second your expense occurs we'll notify you to capture the receipt in our app. We'll automatically capture receipts from certain POS terminals, else a swipe left and a photo and you're done.



Approve, monitor and report on spending in real-time. Change your policies and immediately roll them out to your team.

The Spritz Difference

Spritz is a proactive business spending platform.

Safely empower employees while reducing the time required to submit expenses from hours to minutes.

Spend less time chasing up expenses with accurate and up to date data across all your systems.

Efficiently handle software subscriptions, employee benefits and more.

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Corporate Cards For All

End shared credit cards. Issue physical or virtual corporate debit cards to all employees that need them

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Manage Employee Perks

The easiest way to handle employee benefits - cell phone bills, gym membership and other perks. Without the admin headache.

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Smart categorization

Spritz uses data from the payment network, location and previous transactions to automate categorization

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No Personal Guarantees

No personal guarantees required to get a Spritz corporate card, no credit pulls

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Budget management

Help your team stick to their budgets by informing them and their managers as they approach monthly limits

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FDIC Insured

All funds are held in an FDIC insured account with our banking partners

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Spending controls

Decide who has spending powers, what they can buy and update it in real time

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Real-time receipt capture

We know when a transaction occurs and prompt end users to submit the receipts

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Xero & QuickBooks integration

We worked tirelessly to build the best integrations on the market

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Automate follow up

Let us be the bad guy and chase down your receipts and expense submissions

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Smart policing

Let us handle the policing of your expense policy including restricting spending

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Loved by accountants

Giving the power back to accountants & bookkeepers to be your trusted advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Spritz different?

Regular expense software products are reactive. The employee spends money on business expenses then submits a claim. Spritz is pro-active and safely empowers employees while keeping finance in full control.

How many Spritz cards can I get?

You can issue as many Spritz cards as you like. We generally recommend that you issue one card per employee in your business and set spending controls based on requirements and seniority. So your CEO might have a very high spending limit but your junior employees might have low or no spending limits until they need it.

How is your software subscription management service free?

We know how hard it can be to manage all of your software subscriptions and wanted to build a product that would help other companies like ours keep track of what they're spending, know what's being used, and cancel any product at anytime in one click. We make money from interchange fees provided to us out of the merchant fees charged on every transaction, and when our customers upgrade to our other products like expense management.

Where can I use my Spritz card?

Spritz cards can be used at any one of the millions of merchants around the world where Visa cards are accepted.

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