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The Spritz Difference

Spritz is on a mission to build the world's most refreshing expenses application.

We want to make it easy for employees, their managers and finance teams to manage company expenses.

After all everyone has to deal with expenses, the least we could do is make it easy.


Proactive vs Reactive

Traditional expense systems are reactive. The employee will make a purchase on behalf of the company, and then seek reimbursement after the fact for the expense.

This creates a weird dynamic for both the employee and the company itself.

Spritz is proactive. The expense policy is defined in advance and enforced in the corporate card itself. This means that no expense can be incurred if it's not already an approved expense.

The policy can be viewed anytime in the app, and extraordinary expenses can be requested anytime.

A proactive expense policy means no one is unclear about what is and isn't inside the policy, and no one is caught short.

Corporate cards for everyone

Most companies that use corporate cards limit them to senior members of staff. The CEO, the executive team, etc.

However these are rarely the only people to have to make purchases on behalf of the company.

This leads to either bottlenecks for employees trying to make purchases through their superiors, or a loss of control if corporate card details are shared openly.

Spritz makes it easy to issue cards to every employee for their expenses. This means everyone can make purchases using company funds and stay within the expense policy.


No more reimbursements

We believe that employees should never be a line of credit to a business.

They should never need to pay for expenses on behalf of the company and try to claim them back later.

For starters the expense isn't their own, it's for the company. Whether it's travel, meals, or even software.

Secondly not everyone can afford to act as a lender to the company. And asking for them to do so puts everyone in an awkward and unfair situation.

Spritz corporate cards are funded by the business themselves, meaning your employees will never need to put their hands in their pockets for an expense again.

We call it the Spritz difference.