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Product Features

Expense management combined with a no-fee corporate card to automate reporting for you and your team.

The Spritz Smart Card

We issue a smart card to everyone in your company for all of your expenses. You decide on card limits and spending restrictions. This lets you define and control your expense policy up front, reducing risk and unauthorized spending.

Real-time Receipt Request

Anytime you make a purchase on your Spritz smart card you'll get a push notification on your phone. The best time to capture your receipt is when the transaction happens, reducing the time to submit receipts from an average of 45 days to minutes.

Spending Controls

Set spending controls on your cards at a granular level. Assign limits by individual, team or across the company. Create restricted categories of expenditure and take control of which purchases need approval, and which do not.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are just like physical cards with unique 16 digit number, expiry & CCV number. They can be created instantly and can be tied to either an individual or a purpose - like a software subscription. You can create as many virtual cards as you like and each virtual card can have it's own limits and controls - giving you an extra layer of safety and security.

Smart Policing

Let us take care of policing your expense policy. We'll make sure we get the receipts from your team, and expenses are categorized properly. We can even restrict spending on cards that are stepping outside the rules.

Mobile First

Spritz is built for mobile. Put your expense policy in the pockets of everyone on your team, allowing them to submit expenses wherever they are. For managers this helps them keep track of exceptions or requests for additional spend.

Accounting Integration

We worked tirelessly with our accounting advisors to build the best integration possible. We give you real-time data on spend inside of Xero or QuickBooks and create a 2-way synch between your Chart of Accounts, our categories and all transactions.

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