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Take control of your Software Subscriptions

The fast and free way to manage your software subscriptions in one place.

Use a unique virtual card for each subscription.

No need to update all of your subscriptions when someone leaves or a card expires.

Cancel subscriptions - without logging into each service.

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How it works

Spritz issues a virtual card for each one of your SaaS subscriptions to give you ultimate control over what you’re spending on.

Monitor all of your subscriptions in one central shared place and get reporting on changes over time.

No need to update all of your subscriptions when someone leaves or a card expires.

Track what you're paying. Approve new subscriptions.

And all at no cost to you.

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Why you're going to love us

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One tool to rule them all

Keep track of all your SaaS subscriptions in one place

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Linked to company not individuals

No need to change billing details on subscriptions when your team changes

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Spending alerts

Find out when spending changes in unusual ways

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Virtual Visa card for each subscription

Each card is securely locked to a specific vendor. Disable card & subscription at anytime

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Team management

Delegate management while remaining in control.

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Separate each subscription

Eliminate tedious work if a card is compromised

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Cloud Accounting integration

Automatically push transactions and receipts/invoices to Xero and QuickBooks

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Create new subscriptions from within your browser

Chrome widget allows creating new cards from within Chrome

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Eliminate wastage

Stop paying for subscriptions that aren't fully utilized.

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