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We’re trying to make the world a little easier every day.

We're trying to make the world a little easier, and a little fairer, through better software - starting with expense management.


Tim Bray

CTO & Founder

Melbourne, Australia

Tim co-founded Spritz after 10 years as CTO of global software company StarRez, where he led an engineering team of 65 split between product, development, QA, support, cloud platforms and internal systems.

His experience lead him to seek out ways to improve the performance of all teams by removing every impediment in the way of producing value to the end customer.

Tim is responsible for building the Spritz core platform, APIs & integrations, as well as managing our engineering teams.

Tim is the proud father of 5 and actively involved in his community through Sports and School associations.

Ned Dwyer

CEO & Founder

San Francisco, California

Ned co-founded Spritz after experiencing the frustration of endless expense reports at his last startup Elto, which only seemed to increase in volume when the company was acquired by GoDaddy in 2015 where he became Director of Product.

His passion for empowering the small business owner, while creating a more equitable way for employees to handle expenses, lead him to focus on building better software in the expense management space.

Ned has been living in San Francisco since 2013 but is still actively involved in the startup scene in his home town of Melbourne as a mentor & investor in Startmate.


Dmytro Shepeliev


Alex Pomazan


Zhenya Cheshchevyi


Gerardin Garoufalis


Oleksandr Kniaziuk

Web designer


Our trusted advisors have decades of experience as certified practicing accountants and all run their own practices.

They help us to build the most seamless experience possible while adhering to modern accounting standards.

Nikole Mackenzie

Momentum Accounting

Product strategy, user experience

Will Lopez

AdvisorFi, Xero Ambassador

Product strategy, user experience

Julie Logue

Independent designer

Branding, user testing

Michael Overell

Product Operations, Lyft

Product strategy

Dave Slutzkin

General Manager, Stax

Product strategy, recruiting